The Sanlam Foundation is our primary Corporate Social Investment conduit. It is our genuine attempt to transform the broader South African society in which we operate, through shared-value initiatives that fulfil both societal and business needs, with a high possibility to deliver sustained long - term positive impacts.

Old Mutual has been involved in corporate social investment initiatives since 1965. The Old Mutual Foundation was established in 1999 as part of the company’s demutualisation process, with the aim of directing these resources towards effective socio-economic development initiatives.

The upliftment of society is an objective shared by all citizens of South Africa. At Coronation, we believe that fundamental to achieving this goal is the empowerment of individuals and communities. Consequently, our approach to corporate social investment (CSI) is about becoming involved in long-term programmes that result in quantifiable change to people's lives.

We support public welfare organisations and projects across a wide range of needs from the young to the aged to the homeless. Our current primary efforts are concentrated on Neighbourhood Old Age Homes (NOAH) and Harmony House.

"We come as a family to make a connection, person to person, arm in arm and along the way to share our lives. It is our honor to improve the conditions and create opportunities for changing the cycle of poverty and disease in South Africa."

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) for Liberty means a commitment to supporting development initiatives that are shaped around the wider socio-economic needs of our society.

Our approach to CSI focuses on education and entrepreneurship. We believe this to be the most effective way to create opportunities for employment, wealth creation and stimulating socio-economic growth.

The JL Zwane Centre is a well-established, professionally run and highly respected organisation which has been caring for the community since 1994. Its core commitment is to uplift and empower the people of Gugulethu and surrounding areas through partnerships with caring individuals, organizations and companies.

Project Isizwe is a non-profit organisation which aims to bring the internet to people across South Africa, by facilitating the roll-out of Free WiFi for public spaces in low income communities, with a core focus on connectedness for the purpose of education.

We are a capital management firm that aspires to exemplify African excellence.