Fun learning for Youth (FLY) is made up of young professionals committed to playing a meaningful role in the lives of young learners through volunteering their time and skills.

Fun Learning for Youth (FLY) held its first lesson on 20 February 2010, with a tutor compliment of 8 and 40 Grade 9 learners (FLYers). These lessons were based at Langa High School. The model behind the establishment of FLY was to provide a free Maths tutoring service to disadvantaged learners, and equally important was to do this with a tutor compliment that participates on a voluntary basis. With the idea being to grow the learner base to accommodate all aspiring “FLYers” who wanted to join, classes were moved to the JL Zwane Center in Gugulethu in 2013. Life Skills were introduced in 2012 with the realisation that academic prosperity does not just come with hard work in the classroom, but also with the ability to cope with life’s challenging. This was especially necessary given the background and circumstances of the average FLYer. Further to this, life skills would serve as a means to guide their decisions and prepare them for life after school. Today FLY boasts an alumni stretching back to 2013 with university degrees, university of technology diplomas; and even entrepreneurs.

FLY opened its Johannesburg chapter in February 2017 at Realogile High school in Alexander with a grade 8 and 9 class and 20 tutors. Today FLY caters for learners from grade 8-12 in the Cape Town Chapter and grade 8-10 in the Johannesburg chapter which will grow to the full high school compliment by 2020. FLY is supported by over 30 tutors to deliver on its vision to empower young minds.

Our Mission

To provide learners with an environment that is conducive for learning through the provision of learning materials, food and a safe space to think and work. As a registered not-for-profit and public benefit organisation PBO, FLY is purposefully 100% volunteer operated and managed by passionate individuals who believe in contributing meaningfully to society. FLY offers a unique platform for professionals to volunteer their time as tutors and mentors to empower youth through education.

The ultimate objective of FLY is to create a virtuous cycle of learners who move out of the poverty cycle by using mathematics, life skills and mentorship as catalysts to gain entrance for further education. The mission is to have learners improve their mathematics results, obtain bachelors passes in high-school and attend tertiary learning institutions. FLY operates from community centres and schools in under-resourced areas where mathematics and life skills lessons are held on Saturday mornings.

Funding Model

FLY funding needs at present relate to the financing of annual operating costs and an array of projects in the pipeline. These projects include the implementation of e-learning to the programme, facilitating building extensions at JL Zwane to provide additional classrooms, establishing a scholarship for learners to attend a “Model C” school as well as the institutions of higher education.